Meet our Solemate Lisa Quintas!

Meet our Solemate Lisa Quintas!

My name is Lisa Quintas. I started running in my late twenties as a way to increase my personal fitness.  I began with competing in 5K races and increased distance over time. In October, I will be running my fourth marathon.


What started as a way to increase my personal fitness quickly changed into something so much more. Today, I see running as not just a way of personal fitness but mental fitness, as well. I have also met the most wonderful people who I am happy to call my best friends. The time we spend together has made life better exponentially.


After a friend of mine asked me to help start fundraising for GOTR (Girls on the Run), I read through their mission statement. As soon as I heard about their desire to help girls take back their lives and define the future on their terms, I knew I was all in. It is an extreme honor to help girls get started at a young age to increase their fitness and confidence and meet lifelong friends in the process.


Any amount that you can pledge to help me reach my goal would be so much appreciated. Thank you in advance for helping me to raise money for this great cause!!