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Girls on the Run is a transformational physical activity based positive youth development program for girls in 3rd-8th grade. We teach life skills through dynamic interactive lessons and running games. The program culminates with the girls being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5k running event. The goal of the program is to unleash confidence through accomplishment while establishing a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness.

Girls on the Run is an Independent Council of Girls on the Run International, which has a network of over 200 councils across the United States and Canada.

I have been distance running since  2007 but haven’t set a PR since 2010. This year I’m going for it. I want to break 1:30:00 in the Run the Reservoir Half Marathon in September, and I’m looking to Girls on the Run for inspiration. It’s an organization dedicated to physical and emotional health that teaches young girls problem solving, independent thought, healthy living and running. What a great cause to run for!
Not everyone can afford to participate in this program, so I’m fundraising to provide scholarships. I’m working to improve myself. Please help me provide the opportunity for underprivileged girls to improve themselves in a more meaningful way.
All donations, big or small, make a difference and will be appreciated.


I am running the Summer Solstice trail race to support Girls On The Run, a nation-wide, non-profit organization, which uses running to inspire and motivate girls, encourage lifelong health and fitness, and build confidence through accomplishment.

In this group, certified coaches are dedicated to encouraging and reinforcing girl’s social, psychological, and physical skills and abilities through fun and educational activities.

Being overweight for most of my life, I understand how difficult it can be to maintain a positive outlook and persevere when you believe your abilities are not at the same level as others.

Please help me support GOTR and ensure girls can continue to take advantage of this wonderful program by sponsoring me as I run the Summer Solstice trail race for GOTR.


Site information is now posted on under GOTR Sites.  Please note that our sites are tentative dependent on securing more coaches.  If you are interested in coaching with us please fill out an online coaching application.  We are also still in the process of securing some days and times for sites.  Please continue to check back.  Our scholarship application is also now open under the Registration tab.  Please read all our information regarding our scholarship policy.

If you are a girl in our program and you are attending on Saturday night, please arrive at 6 pm with your GOTR tshirt and medal! Girls will be running out with the baseball players!

We are sold out of tickets at our ticket selling locations! If you still want to purchase you must email us at to arrange pick up prior to the game on Saturday night!

Saturday is our BIG day!!!!!!
This is a rain or shine event!
Things to know:
Girls need to arrive by 7am (Yes, that IS early)
It is VITAL to get to the race sight at 7, as we have 358 girls to get their hair GOTR sprayed in 30 minutes!

The address for parking is 21 Boardwalk, Sparta
Packet Pick up is open;
Friday, 5/15 11-1 and 6-8pm
Saturday 5/16 6:45-7:45am
If you have run this race with us in the past, please note, THIS IS A NEW COURSE. Parking is available across from the Lake Mohawk Country Club. Please take a moment to use the bathroom once you park, restrooms are limited near the start line.
Girls will receive race shirts at practice this week. They are to wear these on race day. Please layer underneath if necessary.
As you know, we will be collecting your old shoes at the race site. ANY shoe will be accepted, i.e. heels, flip flops, cleats, sneakers, etc. Look for the drop zone near the start line.
NEW THIS YEAR…THE GOTR 5K SHOP, AVAILABLE IN THE REGISTRATION TENT! ITEMS ARE LIMITED SO STOP BY EARLY! Girls on the Run Skylands Baseball event tickets will also be sold here.

Upon arrival, please escort your daughter to her coach, all teams will be staged on the boardwalk. Please look for your team sign. If you are not your daughters run buddy, please make this your meeting point following the race and be sure you discuss that with your daughter.
Your coaches will have your daughters bibs, running buddies need to continue to the registration tent to pick up their packets.
Once girls receive their bibs, they will continue to the hair station to get bedazzled.
The race course is an out and back along scenic Lake Mohawk. Water stations will be available at the 1st and 2nd mile.
We offer two races that day, the Girls on the Run 5k and the Lake Mohawk 8.2 mile challenge. The Lake Mohawk Challenge will take off first, followed by the 5k.
Following the race, The Lake Mohawk Country Club will have the grill open for some post race munchies for sale and Kroghs restaurant is open for coffee, tea and assorted beverages.
*Please remember, when exiting the finish line area, stay to the left to leave the course open for other runners to finish.
Friday night dinner suggestions, pasta, chicken, nothing new, nothing spicy. LOT’s of WATER
Morning of; bagels, bananas, muffins, etc
Good luck to all of the girls and their buddies, see you race day!